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(NSFW) Hi! I'm Lisa Sparks also known as Lisa Sparxxx. I'm an all natural big tits country girl gone wild. I have a very curvy figure - 38DD-36-46 that I keep toned and curvy. I'm a pornstar or as I like to call myself a mattress actress. Yes, it really is me. This profile can be confirmed by visiting my website



For some reason black guys have all the fun these days

Yep me again

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Do you consider re-blogs of photos that you post "stolen"???

No of course not. 

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Reblogged a pic but deleted after I saw a response to an ask

??? I don’t mind reblogs. As a matter of fact I hope everyone reblogs. However, I do mind people using my pics as there own and removing my watermarks on my images.

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what is the most difficult part of your job?

Finding all the stolen content online

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mmmm it Must be BREEDING SEASON!! No chance of Failure here!!!

Got to love when they remove your watermark and alike its their own pic.

Lisa Sparks Official Website Gangbang Slut | Hardcore Whore

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Do you believe size matters?

only to people with small dicks….lol

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